Dalton is One!


One year ago on this day, our platinum headed happy boy made his appearance on this earth. We all fell in love with him in no time at all and have cherished every snuggle, giggle and splash along the way. Dalton is very observant and studies the face of whomever is holding him multiple times over. He is very adventurous, taking his first steps at 8.5 months then giving up crawling at 10 months. He began climbing in and out of the bathtub at 11 months and can walk at a trot at 12 months. He loves to eat and would much rather feed himself. He will eat anything on his tray except for avocados or bananas. He positively adores his big brother Knox and even initiates the wrestling matches now that he can hold his own. He is extremely affectionate and crawls into my arms, lays his head on my chest and curls his body into a snuggle. He also loves to grab our cheeks and pull our faces to look at him, then wraps his little arms around our necks in a big hug. Dalton loves to join in on a giggle fest with mommy and big brother and often walks around squealing with delight at the top of his voice. Sometimes I feel so overwhelmed by how sweet and amazing our little boys are. We acknowledge how fortunate and blessed we are that God chose us to be their parents.

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