I was drawn in to photography as a young girl when scrap booking was all the rage and it was cool to cut your pictures into funky shapes. Thank goodness that fad ended! After nursing school, photography drew me in as my creative outlet from the mentally and emotionally taxing work of caring for the sick. I could forget my stresses when I looked through my lens, pouring my emotions into creating beautiful images.

Since then, I have photographed everything from family portraits, births, babies, and even a wedding. When my first son was born and I began to photograph him over the first two weeks of his life, I was in awe of how quickly he changed in such a short period of time. I fell madly in love with the beauty of the newborn form. Every parent since the beginning of time has gazed at their tiny new child in awe and love, wondering how they could ever grow up and look any different than they do in this moment. Then an amazing thing happens, that teeny precious baby does grow up…and fast! That is when I knew I had to focus on newborn imagery, on creating timeless portraits of your wee one when she is so new and fresh. Those first few weeks are so fleeting and sometimes hard to remember through the fog of sleepless nights. Newborn images help you to remember just how tiny he was and what he looked like brand new.

I live in Edmond, Oklahoma with my husband and two blonde headed boys. I am obsessed with essential oils (you’ll smell us coming!), eating mostly vegetarian and chai lattes.

If you are looking for someone to create natural, timeless portraits of your newest family member, contact me to learn about a newborn session experience in my studio or your home.